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was sweet and spicy, 9/10, but encountered a bug a couple times that softlocked me if I ran out of fuel and fell to a landing pad

Glad you enjoyed the flavours :) If you get stuck you may need to hit P/RETURN for the menu twice and choose to self destruct...

ah, didn't know you could, thanks!

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Easily one of the best Pico games I've played. Really manages to find the spirit of early generation games, but would have blown most of those out of the sky with the level of detail and gameplay systems. Thank you for making this

Thank you for such a lovely comment :)

One of my videogame pet peeves is escorting total idiots. This jerkwad in the first real area I visited, upon being freed, saw fit to run right past the landing pad beside them and jump off the cliff beyond it. They seem unable to be rescued from there. (Trying to land on the flat rock near them doesn't work.)

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Sometimes they do get stuck. If you leave the asteroid and come back then they get put back in their prisons so you can try again. The prisoners will run towards the ship unless it's directly in line with them.

That hole so early on is a bit annoying though - I'll see if I can get rid of it in the editor.

 ** done in v1.0.1  now. Some of the work on the editor for release has made that  so much easier to fix than it was.

Just as a headsup: you never need to rescue the prisoners to get to further asteroids, but to 100% the game there are bits where guiding them the right way is crucial to saving them. 

Oust Gameplay

Thanks for giving the game a shot! Press Down to enable the scoop to grab from the fuel dumps :)