You successfully hyperspaced behind the enemy bug alien invaders to their incubation caves, but alas - your ship's controls are horribly damaged. It only fires when you turn and when you turn it slowly gets faster and faster. What's more, you can't stop the ship...

  • Try to take out as many of the enemy egg-pods before you crash into the cave walls.
  • Use LEFT and RIGHT to steer - and shoot.

Made for the Pico1K game jam 2022. The game fits into 1KB of compressed PICO-8 code thanks to cutting out anything extra and to Shrinko-8's minifying mode.

Code and explanation of how I think it works is here.

v1.0.1 fixed a tiny bug where bullets wouldn't pass through explosions.

V2: fixed a bug where bullets' l (life) values weren't ever decremented. If someone actually played for long enough there would be massive slowdowns and eventually PICO-8 would run out of memory.

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Made withPICO-8
Tagspico1k, PICO-8


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I managed 19!

Well done! Thanks for playing :)

I managed once to reach the heady hi-score of 5 :)

My record is 18 so far. Given how much I played it in testing I am not impressed with myself. Anna managed 2.

In theory the game will end if all the enemies in the level are destroyed - I suspect I just wasted bytes putting that limit in.

A challenge that I hope somebody achieves. Not me though ;)