Become the biggest! In fact, become the only one...

You play a mote in a soup of primordial... stuff. Absorb all the other motes before they absorb you. Unlike them, you can move, but only at a cost: each time you change direction (i.e. press a key) you shrink a little.

If you touch another mote and you're the bigger then you will absorb it and grow.

If you're smaller than another mote when you touch then it will absorb you...

See if you can score more than 10, my top score.

Bigger motes are black, smaller are shades of grey - the lighter the safer to pursue.


Directions/arrow keys only

This little toy was made for TweetTweetJam 7 and so the code for it is 560 bytes long - small enough to fit into two tweets.

It is inspired by Osmos: a great game and a lot better than this. You should check it out.

Here's the code:

d={}for i=1,30do
p=d[1]p.s=5b=30k=btn::l::a=0for i=1,30do
n=d[i]N=n.s a+=N if(b<1)n.x=(n.x+n.h)%e n.y=(n.y+n.v)%e
if(N>0)circfill(n.x,n.y,N,i==1and 8or N>p.s and 0or mid(5,p.s-N,7))
X=n.x-p.x Y=n.y-p.y S=N+p.s
if i>1and X*X+Y*Y<S*S then
if p.s>N then
if(b>0)goto m
p.s-=.3if(p.s<0)t=0goto m
if(a==p.s)t+=1goto m
b=max(b-1)goto l
Made withPICO-8


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Good game! I find that I either win it by making the right couple of moves in the first 2 or 3 seconds (and then just let my increasingly colossal blob hoover up everything else on its own), or I instantly collide with a bigger blob and die.

It is a bit more random than I'd like. The real version of Osmos had some very cleverly crafted levels that get round that problem.

On reflection I could have made the game wait for your first key press - maybe that would help? I did manage to make it regenerate at the start if you lost straight away by appearing inside a larger mote, but if one's heading for you, even a pixel away, it can't tell there's a problem, sadly.

Glad you liked it :)

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I love it! I made something quite similar for a previous jam ( ) so I was confused by how hard this was - I was holding the arrow keys down to move around. Then I read the description and realized I should only press the arrow keys occasionally, and suddenly it turned into a completely different, meditative experience. its cool to see how our different design decisions made our games feel radically different from each other. really nice job! PB: level 14

I liked your game too :)

I really wanted to get that light touch requirement that was in the original Osmos. I only wish I could have managed some visual feedback for it, but I just couldn't squeeze it in the character limit.